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XL-Bloom youngplants

As you probably know, XL-Bloom youngplants and Flamingo-Plant joint forces in spring 2019. Flamingo-plant is producing for many, many years Pot Anthurium, but needed new varieties. At the same time XL-Bloom youngplants came on the market with a whole new generation varieties for the absolute top quality in the market. A perfect match.

Foto Michel

Michel van Rijn

Co Owner

+31 (0)174 403 830 (choose 2)
+31 (0)6150 969 32

Foto Renzo

Renzo de Graaf

Accountmanager South- Europe & N-Amerika

+31 (0)6 23 294 108

Foto Tang Weiguo

Tang Weiguo

Chinese Market

Sales flowering plants

Ilona Droog
Shirley van Rijn
Danique de Brabander
Margie de Bruijn

+31 (0)174 403 830 (choose 1)

Foto Team teelttechniek
Technical Team

Jaco Jansen (cultivation specialist)

Aynur Ors (youngplant/laboratory)

Achmed El Masoudi (quality leader)

Rytis Luksis (Logistics)

+31 (0)174 403 830 (choose 4)


Henri Versteegh

R&D Department

Breeding department

Melanie Versteegh
Shannah Geleijnse
Chelsey van Rijn
+31 (0)174 403 830 (choose 2)

Youngplant department

Aynur Ors
Shirley van Rijn

+31 (0)174 403 830 (choose 4)

Marketing department

Jolanda Geleijnse-van Rijn

+31 (0)174 403 830 (choose 2)

foto Chelsey

Chelsey van Rijn

Accountmanager Asia

Foto Peter van Schie, kleiner

Peter van Schie

Biological control

foto Bryan

Bryan Overbeek

Accountmanager S-Amerika

foto silhouette

Martin van Noort

Senior relation manager

+31 (0) 6 82 98 70 99


Wesley Guttenberg

Head Planning

+31 (0) 6 58 81 70 28

foto silhouette

Daan Verschoor

Variety planner

Foto Quinten

Quinten de Brabander

Purchase raw materials

foto leo-van-rijn, klein

Leo van Rijn (Sr.)

Breeding department


Gert Voskamp


Foto Gerrit

Gerrit Boekestein

Rooting station

Foto Chris


Youngplant quality

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